Top 20 New WhatsApp Hidden Features

Top 20 New WhatsApp Hidden Features


In this article, we will discuss the Top 20 New WhatsApp Hidden Features. All features will be amazing and you don’t know that. These are The Top 20 New WhatsApp Hidden Features are amazing and they will you help you a lot and it will enhance your user performance. In the vast realm of messaging apps, WhatsApp has firmly secured its place as a front-runner. Beyond its evident features, this platform houses a treasure trove of hidden functionalities that can remarkably enrich your messaging escapades. Whether you’re an occasional chatter or a seasoned conversationalist, these concealed gems within WhatsApp can undeniably elevate your communication prowess. This article is your ultimate guide to the top 20 new WhatsApp hidden features that promise to revolutionize your interaction dynamics.

Quick Replies:

Additionally, Conversations often demand swift reactions, and WhatsApp’s Quick Replies step in to streamline this process. First, Imagine a situation where you’re on the go, yet you wish to engage promptly. Further, quick Replies allow you to respond promptly using pre-set shortcuts, preserving the momentum of the conversation without compromising on quality.

Pin Conversations:

Ever found yourself sifting through an avalanche of chats to locate a crucial discussion? The Pin Conversations feature is your knight in shining armor. By pinning conversations, you ensure that your vital chats always remain at the top of your chat list. Bid farewell to the endless scrolling as you effortlessly locate your significant conversations.

Starred Messages:

Top 20 New WhatsApp Hidden Features

Often, amidst the constant influx of messages, certain snippets deserve special attention. The Starred Messages feature empowers you to highlight and bookmark these crucial pieces of information. With just a tap, you mark messages, making them accessible for quick reference, even in the sea of dialogues.

Custom Notifications:

Different contacts hold varying levels of importance in our lives. Custom Notifications empower you to assign unique notification tones or vibrations to specific contacts. Thus, with a mere auditory cue, you discern who’s reaching out, enabling you to manage your communication flow more effectively.

Read Receipts Control:

The infamous blue ticks – a double-edged sword, indicating your message has been read. But what if you wish to peruse messages at your pace? The Read Receipts Control lets you exercise control. Turn off read receipts for select contacts, granting you the autonomy to respond without the immediate pressure of being “seen.”

Group Descriptions:

Group chats, while dynamic, often necessitate context. The Group Descriptions feature alleviates this concern by allowing you to add descriptions to your groups. This summary paints a picture of the group’s purpose, facilitating smoother interactions and enhanced understanding among members.

Group Mentions:

In the cacophony of group conversations, pertinent messages can sometimes be lost. The Group Mentions feature offers a solution. Employ the “@” mention to direct messages toward specific individuals, guaranteeing that important information garners the attention it rightfully deserves.

Media Organization:

In fact, the Media Organization feature is a hidden treasure for those who frequently exchange multimedia. Easily access shared photos, videos, and documents within each chat’s media section. Bid adieu to the hassle of rummaging through the chat to locate that elusive file.

Voice Messages Lock:

Top 20 New WhatsApp Hidden Features

Additionally, voice messages often bear sensitive content. WhatsApp’s Voice Messages Lock feature enhances privacy by allowing you to lock voice messages. This additional layer of security ensures that your confidential voice notes are only accessible to you.

Dark Mode:

Late-night texting can strain your eyes, but Dark Mode provides a soothing remedy. By switching to this visually-friendly mode, you alleviate eye fatigue while maintaining a seamless messaging experience, even in dim lighting.

WhatsApp Web:

WhatsApp Web bridges the gap between your phone and computer seamlessly. Scan a QR code, and voilà! Your conversations sync across devices, enabling you to stay connected and engaged, whether you’re on your smartphone or desktop.

Message Formatting:

In detail, Communication often requires emphasis, and WhatsApp’s Message Formatting feature obliges. So, Embrace basic formatting options – italics, bold, and strikethrough – to add an extra layer of expression to your texts, ensuring your messages resonate effectively.

Status Privacy:

Status updates reflect your mood and activities. However, not all updates are for all eyes. Further, Status Privacy allows you to customize the visibility of your status updates for each contact, maintaining the appropriate level of sharing in your circle.

Two-Step Verification:

Top 20 New WhatsApp Hidden Features

Security is paramount, especially in the digital realm. In fact, Enable Two-Step Verification to bolster your WhatsApp security. Additionally, this feature necessitates a second layer of authentication, ensuring that only you can access your account, and safeguarding your conversations from unauthorized access.

Broadcast Lists:

Broadcast Lists offer the functionality of group messaging without creating a group. So that, tailored messages can be sent individually to multiple recipients, ensuring efficient communication without compromising privacy.

Live Location Sharing:

In an increasingly connected world, real-time location sharing becomes invaluable. At this time,  his feature aids in coordinating meetups, ensuring loved ones’ safety and facilitating smoother travel plans.

Mute Chats:

Mute Chats acts as a shield against incessant notifications from less crucial chats. So, Simply mute the conversations for a duration of your choice, granting you the peace and focus you deserve.

Blocked Contacts:

Healthy boundaries are key to comfortable communication. As a result, The Blocked Contacts feature ensures you maintain control over your interactions, giving you the power to manage who can contact you.

WhatsApp Payments:

Top 20 New WhatsApp Hidden Features

Communication isn’t just about words; it’s about actions too. Further, WhatsApp Payments facilitates seamless money transfers, enabling you to send and receive money within the app itself. Sharing expenses or settling dues has never been smoother.

App Lock:

WhatsApp houses a plethora of personal conversations, and protecting them is paramount. In truth, Activate App Lock with a fingerprint or PIN, providing an additional layer of security and safeguarding your private chats.


WhatsApp, beyond its surface allure, harbors a treasure chest of hidden gems. As a result, these features redefine how we communicate and interact within the app. From streamlining communication to enhancing security, WhatsApp’s hidden features cater to every facet of modern-day messaging. As you dive into this realm of possibilities, remember that these features are not just functional, but transformative – reshaping how you engage and communicate in the digital world. So, go ahead, unlock these hidden potentials, and embark on a journey of enriched messaging experiences. If you want to know more about these types of articles then visit our site techtopic4u.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You can customize notifications for specific contacts by assigning unique tones or vibrations. This helps you identify who's messaging you without checking your phone.

Use WhatsApp's status privacy feature to choose which contacts can see your status updates, allowing you to share with the right audience.

Two-step verification adds an extra layer of security to your account, requiring a PIN in addition to your password during login to prevent unauthorized access.

Media organization provides a dedicated space for shared files, while group descriptions add context to group chats, making conversations more streamlined and meaningful.

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